Saturday, June 06, 2009


The park this morning was lovely, if a trifle chilly. The cygnets were being coaxed towards the water for their first swim, and the cob was doing his Terminator impression.
For the first time ever, the local area Police car drove through the park. I spoke with the officers, who said as things were quiet, they were just having a look around areas they didn't normally visit. They opined all the crims had gone to Costa del Sol for their holidays.
For some reason when they were ready to move off, their blue light started flashing - I suspect the wrong button was pressed.
Anyway, the cob took instant umbrage and charged across the pond, wings flapping, screaming in anger, and physically attacked the car. The police drove off rapidly, and the cob went back to the pond.
He's a really proud and protective father.

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Winchester whisperer said...

I'm sure you'd have been equally cross in the circumstances