Wednesday, June 10, 2009

.. And another free thing....

Today finished as all days should. I got one piece of good news, I got my hair cut, and, as the 9pm church bells tolled in Sighisoara, I was sitting in the square drinking fresh ( as in just squeezed) orange juice on ice. With a huge slice to suck on.
The little church on the lower side of the square and one road down was pumping out organ music. I can only think someone was practicing for a concert.
I sat there for a while with the last of the bright sunlight having dropped below the Citadel, and thought I should go and pack as I leave tomorrow. New way home - Cluj to Beauvais, Beauvais to Prestwick. Could be interesting. Especially as the Prestwick-Budapest flight had been Eur 10 in total and each of the two tomorrow the same. Never let it be said cheap airfares are a bad thing..
Just as I was about to get up, the lady who runs the place with the fresh-orange-juice-and-the-icecream-only-made-with-real-fruits came and sat beside me.
She was holding an icecream in a cup.
" Some idiot German ordered this thinking it was vanilla. They didn't touch it, they smelled it and said they didn't want vanilla that smelled like that. You have it."
It wasn't surprising it didn't smell like vanilla.
It was banana.

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Winchester whisperer said...

Hope you have a good journey, KL