Tuesday, July 07, 2009

How to get an increased overdraft.

Now here's a thing.
One of our tenants who banks with RBS, who is permanently at the top of his overdraft of £20,000 and really needs some leeway, got a call from his (lady) bank manager, to say can you come in and discuss your account.
In my day, that spelled doom.
Not a bit of it.
She played around with the computer for a bit and said that's fine have another £10,000.
Bear in mind he hadn't actually asked for it, and, despite desperately needing it, he felt he could squeeze through.
Bear in mind too that RBS is government owned and has been told to lend money to small businesses. OK he had to pay an ( enhanced) fee and about 5% over base, but that's nothing when your profit margins are IRO 80%. He can now afford to take on the £40,000 of work that he has been asked to do.
So perhaps - just perhaps - the banks are loosening up a tiny bit.

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Winchester whisperer said...

Is this a result of the nationalised bonus culture?