Thursday, July 16, 2009

Those wind Farms

I was talking yesterday with a chap who supplies generators to undertakings.
A while ago, he had supplied some to a windfarm that was being built in the middle of nowhere.
Now apparently, in order to get the grants, they have to say at the beginning when they will start putting power into the grid. And if they miss that date, they don't get the grant.
Anyway,the project was running late ( anyone who has ever watched Kevin McLoud ( what kind of name is that?) or Sarah Beeny could have told them that it would).
So one day the gene hire company got a call to supply an extra 7 units, which pleased them no end.
They had them on hire for 11 months.
And all that time they were pumping power into the grid to "prove" that they had met their completion date.....

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Winchester whisperer said...

That's as bad as McRay