Saturday, July 04, 2009

Is it better?

I simply love this.
A male Chinese opera singer callled Shi Pei Pu ( prounced " Shuh") persuades a French diplomat called Bernard Bouriscot that he was a woman, and they have an affair. Shi also persuades him he is the father of their child.
The details of spying and so on are rather risible, but none more so than the thought that a man - a Frenchman at that - wouldn't notice the similarities between he and his lover.
I'm reminded of the story ( I can't remember who by or its name) in which a woman is persuaded to capture - shall we say - the essence of great men to inseminate ladies who have a passion for them. So, for example, George Bernard Shaw had a great following, as did Proust.
Now there is a difference between these two. GBS was noted for liking ladies, and Proust was quite the opposite. So how did the lady in the story manage it?
Well, she had available a sort of Viagra which made men mad with lust, and then only had to slip a condom onto them. When finished, she simply took it away with her.
With Proust, she made herself look like a boy, fed him the pill, and as he was about to descend on her ( from the rear) persuaded him to put on the condom. He was of course non-plussed, but she persuaded him that it was better with than without.
She subsequently ran away with all the other samples apart from Proust's , which she left with the man who had dreamt up the whole scam.
Who was able to make a very decent living out of it.