Monday, July 06, 2009

When I die I'll be the fittest person dead.*

You may, Dear Reader, be pleased to hear that my blood pressure is lower than it was last week.Not that it was deadly, just a bit over.
The news that a friend has had a "shock" as we Scots say with BP ( admittedly) higher than mine has led me to re-assess my 60 year old body.
I have always taken it for granted that I was pretty healthy. I don't smoke, don't drink that much ( and only overseas) and my weight is the same now as when I was 19. I am not vain, so the greying of my hair and the gradual diminishing of it does not require me to run shrieking to a shrink. I eat pretty much the Mediterranean diet. 5 a day is not a problem for me.
So I am somewhat aggrieved to be told I need to lose about 10 kgs and take more exercise. The latter, I will allow, does leave a bit to be desired in my case.
So, in keeping with the present economic downturn, and as my car has come to the end of its lease, it is going back tomorrow. I shall in future be walking to work and taking the bus around town. For free.
Even when it's raining.
Having mentioned to Mrs. Lear this morning that my briefcase was quitely dying ( I've seen off about 8 in my lifetime), it died in the post office this morning with the catches literally falling off.So I now have a bag I acquired over a year ago for another purpose stuffed with about half what used to be in the briefcase.
That's because I've thrown out the rest as no longer relevant.
2 out of 3 Ms. Lears have said I will last less than a week - as does Mrs. Lear.
We shall see.
* Bill Shankly to Emlyn Hughes some years ago.


Winchester whisperer said...

What about a bicycle?

kinglear said...

ww - in Glasgow that is a lady of easy virtue....

Winchester whisperer said...

could be risky then

In Actual Fact said...

I dread to think what a tandem is then.....