Thursday, July 02, 2009

My Love...

This being Scottish Homecoming, and all to do with Robert Burns, I was reminded of (perhaps) his most famous words: " My Love is like a red red rose".
My old English teacher ( Motto: Individually you may be quite charming but en masse you are appalling) used to say that the words themselves meant nothing - it was the alliteration that made the whole thing work.
" In fact", he would drawl," It might just as well be " My love is like a red red rope.""
Now I come to think of it, his wife definitely fell into the appalling category rather than the charming one, so maybe he was planning on doing away with her.
I do actually know of a house mistress and her husband who " it is alleged" did away with the woman's mother - chopped her up like Lizzie Borden used to do. Although acquited, the police never looked for anyone else.
Mind you, I can't say I blame her really.
As I typed in the labels, it struck me how much of human life is expressed in those three words...


Winchester whisperer said...

My love is like a wet wet woad

kinglear said...

Is that like Jonathon Woss?