Sunday, August 02, 2009

Charity begins overseas *

I'm back doing what I think I do best - asking people to give money to a charity. Yesterday was spent in the lovely new Telford College in Edinburgh at Claymore '09, the Scottish Wargames convention. The Gurkha Welfare Trust was given a prime pitch right at the entrance and overall we did very well. They also give us a share of the gate takings. Numbers were well down on last year, partly because of the change of venue, partly because of the recession, but probably mostly because it's really difficult to find.
One of the biggest sellers at these events is the "Gurkha Teddy Bear". For no discernible reason, people identify with these cuddly creatures. I always say they are really hard bears, but one lady, when I suggested that the half dozen on show were identical, assured me that one particular one "spoke" particularly to her, and chose that one. She also opined it would have to be called " Lumley". Quite appropriate I thought.
In respect of Miss Lumley, currently being feted in Nepal, she tells a lovely story about a man coming up to her and assuring her that she was following in great footsteps helping the Gurkhas.
" That Jonah Lomu has done a great job for them," he told her.

* JL might help some 3-400 ex-Gurkhas to settle in the UK. The GWT helps 10,600 every month in Nepal