Tuesday, August 18, 2009

It's Curry... again.

I finally got back to Glasgow about 1am this morning to be met by a household that had clearly decided I was a lost cause. Snores emanated from all sleeping bodies ( dog included) but the middle Ms. Lear's cat which is holidaying with us at least said hello before disappearing in what always seems like a puff of smoke.
The end of the walk was great. We had a simply marvellous evening at Finzean House, and the boys were delighted to see some Scottish Country Dancing as performed by the Braemar Lady Dancers of Castleton. I'm not sure what Castleton has to do with it, but they certainly looked very smart in their outfits.
Sunday was definitely a slowish start, but the boys picked up the pace as they neared East Migvie in Glenesk, where exceptional sausage rolls, tea and cake is on offer to the walkers. I get some too. As Angus the Shepherd's son said, " The trouble is, the minute you enter this Glen, time stops, worries cease and nothing is more important than greeting your neighbour." I would recommend it to anyone.
By the time they finished walking on Sunday, the RBL at Banchory had closed its kitchen ( at 8pm) and we had to go to the local Indian Restaurant. As is the case nearly everywhere, it is run by a Bangladeshi. As one of the Gurkhas said, " Sahib, if they put Bangladeshi Restaurant above door, no one will come in!" We had an excellent meal, probably improved by the boys questioning the waiter in his own language about exactly how the food was prepared and cooked.
So it was with a sad heart that I saw them off on Monday morning. They had been excellent company for the week, and were I able to bottle the essence of their leader ( very hunky young British officer) I could make a fortune selling it to young ladies. His take on life was clearly shown when he surveyed the number of dead rabbits on the roads and round about - " Not exactly the master race are they?"
We finished the walk on time in Stonehaven, and were escorted down to the beach by a Police car with lights flashing which impressed the boys no end.They ended up splashing about in the water, the only eventual drawback being the amount of the North Sea which ended on the floor in the Royal British Legion.
We eventually reached Edinburgh about 8pm and the girls had prepared - guess what? Yes, curry and rice.
I'm not sure how well we will do this year. We had quite a number of cheques for £1000 last time, but so far the most we have had is £500. If anyone feels like sending the first £1000 cheque I can arrange a free Gurkha Welfare badge - and a letter of thanks.


Winchester whisperer said...

Bravo KL - but, tell me, have you put on weight during this walking week?

kinglear said...

ww- well my muscle tone is down a bit... the emerging sixpack has had a setback....

Marilyn said...

Stumbled on your blog quite by accident when I googled Castleton Dancers - as I do from time to time, just to see if we are getting famous! I thought I should explain where the 'Castleton' comes from. Braemar used to be two villages, Castleton the protestant one,-with a castle- and Auchendryne, the Roman Catholic one on the other side of the river. We happen to use the village hall on the Castleton side to practise...so hence we are the Castleton Dancers. Next performance is on Tuesday at Birkhall for Prince Charles. Lovely to meet you all last week and hope your fund raising was successful. Marilyn