Friday, August 21, 2009

Why "Castleton" Dancing Ladies of Braemar?

"Stumbled on your blog quite by accident when I googled Castleton Dancers - as I do from time to time, just to see if we are getting famous! I thought I should explain where the 'Castleton' comes from. Braemar used to be two villages, Castleton the protestant one,-with a castle- and Auchendryne, the Roman Catholic one on the other side of the river. We happen to use the village hall on the Castleton side to hence we are the Castleton Dancers. Next performance is on Tuesday at Birkhall for Prince Charles. Lovely to meet you all last week and hope your fund raising was successful. Marilyn"
So now you know.
Despite John Knox, the Highlands were long a bastion of Catholicism, and, indeed, it's arguable that those Scots supporting both Young and Old Pretenders were largely Catholic, and those supporting the English were Protestant.
That, however, is far too simplistic a description of the '15 and '45, both of which I've always felt were much more about helping oneself to a bigger slice of cake than about religion, blood lines or, of course, principle.

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