Sunday, January 03, 2010

In Ireland for New Year

As mentioned previously, the New Mrs. Rock God and her husband, Mr. Rock God, took us along on their honeymoon to see Sharon Shannon in Kilkenny.
We were originally staying in Inistioge by the River Nore, but there was so much rain we had to decamp to Kilkenny.
The Irish, of course, kill you with kindness, and I'm sure my weight will have gone up again despite bracing walks. The other slightly disconcerting thing is the number of cups of tea that have to be consumed, a la Mrs. Doyle in Father Ted.." AH ye will ye will ye will."
Three little stories.
Some friends of the Earl of Kilkenny were having dinner in Dublin when they were asked to move as Bono from U2 was coming in with a guest. The maitre d' offered them free wine, so quite sensibly they moved.
A while later, whilst Bono and his guest were eating, the friend ( male variety) went to the loo, and shortly thereafter Bono's guest followed him.
They fell to talking and it was pointed out that they had had to move to accommodate yer man. Would the guest be very kind and get Bono's autograph for his daughter?
The guest said most certainly, and would she also like his signature.
" No no, just Bono's will be fine"
The deed was done and as the couple were leaving, it was discovered their bill had been paid by Bono's guest. The male member of the party went across to thank the guest, and was again asked if his daughter would like an autograph. Feeling it would be ungracious to refuse, this was accepted.
It was Bruce Sprinsteen.
The Earl himself is known for his entrepreneurial skills, and many many years ago had decided he fancied a tour through France. Not having any money, he hit on the idea of taking the housekeepers of priests to Lourdes, which, in between times, would enable him to travel about. It was in the days of Danair, and he was able to fill several planes for some years until his wanderlust was gone. Of course, he had no money to pay a deposit, so the arrangement was made that the aircraft would land in Dublin, but would not take off until the charter costs were paid - in cash. The housekeepers of course had access to this, and as each flight took off they handed over the cost to the captain, who, on landing in Lourdes, gave the Earl the difference.
It was on one of these flights that a particularly formidable housekeeper kept up a running commentary all the way, and for the next two days as various shrines, services and so on were visited and undertaken.
As the party got back onto the flight, one of the milder ladies turned to the Earl, and said,
" Sure she's a lovely lady, but she wouldn't give the last word to God Almighty himself!"

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