Saturday, January 23, 2010

How to win votes and make friends..

We don't have any more snow around here, but I was still able to stand on the ice at the edge of the pond in the park today. In our water butt at the back door, there is still an iceberg that is at least 30 cms thick, and I am still wandering about the house with my husky on - we Scots refuse to have the heating on from 09:30 am until 17:30 pm. Actually that's not quite true - its on for an hour over lunch....
I was discussing the effect of temperature on our psyches with a friend the other day. He assured me he felt much more like sex when it was warm and sunny - quite apart from the pyjamas, sweaters, hot-water bottles and the potential for electrocuting yourself on the electric blanket proving a turn-off in the winter. He was also quite sure that business activity always started to pick up again as the temperatures started to fall in September each year, and categorically averred that that was why countries further south than Munich weren't at the forefront of wealth.
I'm not so sure about this - India,Brazil, China and even Japan seem to be doing all right, although I know there are chilly parts in all these countries.
Over on Takimag, Patrick J. Buchanan has an excellent piece on why America's own Mr. Brown did so well in Massachusetts. Basically, the majority white population which works hard and pays its taxes has reached the point where they won't put up with depredations on their wallets for immigrants and ne'er do wells any more.
The same applies here. Gordon Brown's British Jobs for British Workers expresses it perfectly - except we can't do that because we have given away our sovereignty to the EU. America, fortunately, has not yet done so, and I would suggest that because of their history they never will.
Buchanan finishes with the following quote:"What the McDonnell, Christie, and Brown victories teach is that the GOP should stop listening to the Wall Street Journal and start listening to these ( white) forgotten Americans.
An end to affirmative action and ethnic preferences, an end to bailouts of Wall Street bankers, a moratorium on immigration until unemployment falls to 6 percent, an industrial policy that creates jobs here and stops shipping them to China appear a winning hand in 2012. "
The last paragraph says it all.


Winchester whisperer said...

Is employment picking up in Glasgow, KL?

kinglear said...

ww - no. Things continue as bad here with Annabel Goldie being lambasted for taking 1st Class tickets from her home to Holyrood. The politics of envy were ever thus..