Monday, January 25, 2010

You must be joking

I was astonished to learn from the Herald today that Gerald Butler ( The 300, Rock 'n Rolla)) has been voted as Scot of the Year by 66% of the repondents in a survey for a charity called Scotcare.
Even more astonishingly, Scotcare's objects are described as " Taking care of Scots in London"
Maybe the stories about one Mr. G.Brown being bonkers are true....
It would be even better if they took care of Scots in Scotland.
I couldn't find the story online in the Herald, hence the link to the Daily Record


Winchester whisperer said...

Can't belive he beat S.Boyle.

kinglear said...

WW- I know. I'm also astonished he gets any parts as he is a distinctly average actor who can't even get his voice right. I still remember the audience at the 300 bursting into laughter at the point where he said " WE ARE SPARTANS!!" in the thickest Scottish accent imaginable.