Friday, January 08, 2010

Moving from "Pissed off" to "Let's get the bastards"

We're all pretty chill up here and I've just looked at an aerial map that shows the whole of the UK covered in white stuff.
My cockles were cheered, though, by this post from the nowmarriedfragrantanddelightful Winchester Whisperer which covers the national stereotypes amazingly well ( dontcha just love 'em?) especially the Scottish one.
The two missing of course are the Welsh and the Irish. I suppose the Irish would be " You'll have a cup of tea?" rising to " Have a piece of cake" and in extremis " I'll have a Guinness." whilst the Welsh would be too busy singing to notice.
It does rather beg the question, what is the best way to deal with terror? Do you ignore it and hope it happens to someone else, or do you go in so hard that it doesn't happen again for a generation. What you don't do, in my view, is have years long campaigns that just make more people against you. Machiavelli of course had this right nearly 500 years ago, saying The Prince must be utterly ruthless ( I never understand why in movies the hero is always left to fight another day. Shoot him/her dead first and then see how much trouble he/she causes. I suppose if you are getting $15million you pretty much have to be standing at the end of the film).
He also said The Prince should be magnanimous in victory - but only once all the opponents were dead. Before my erudite reader expostulates, this is all very paraphrased.
You may recall Edie Falco, who was excellent as Tony Soprano's long-suffering wife in The Sopranos. She is now staring in Nurse Jackie on BBC2 at 10pm - and I'm hooked. Apart from some excellent performances, the story lines are telling, and raise lots of issues which it would do us well to think about - and frequently make me laugh.
Try it.

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