Tuesday, January 19, 2010

My SuperPower

The new Mrs. Rock God aka ex-middle Ms. Lear was just making a cup of tea as I got back into the office this afternoon.
I have noticed that I do this quite frequently, even although it is not always at the same time of day. I've also noticed I can read minds about cups of tea, because any time I ever ask anyone if they would like a cup, they always say yes.
As she made me a cup as well, she was looking thoughtful.
" Well Dad, you definitely have a SuperPower telling you when to appear to get a cup of tea. Unfortunately, as SuperPowers go, it's not up there with time travel or invisibility...."


Winchester whisperer said...

Is that RockGod speak?

kinglear said...

WW - no, that is mostly about bands,gigs, contracts... and drink