Sunday, July 01, 2007

Letter from Romania

Hi Alin,
there is an article in one of the UK papers today which offers tours to near Poiana Brasov which, if you go above the tree line, says you can see bears and wolves. Any chance if you could find out if there are guides or people who can take you to where to see them?
It is very cold here, we have the central heating on again!
Kinglear ______

Hello Mr King
every night in romania tv news its a reportage regarding the Brown Bears and wild Wolves as long as I know there are no guide,just 1 week ago 2 Amercans turist they got kiil by a wild Bear,(and because of this incident the Brasov authority they want to stop the turist and the taxi driver )they was brot there by a taxi driver,most of the turist they are brot there by taxi drivers,I think its a madness to hire a guid to bring turist in a place were nobody its safe!!!!
sometimes in this reportage on TV people are tryng to give food to Bears,the reasome wich the Bears are coming near to the main road its food ,because the romanian turist are used to trow rest of the food near to the tree line so this its one of the reasome wich the Bears are coming . Krs ,Alin

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