Monday, July 23, 2007

Scotland the What?

I have written before about this since disbanded group of comedians from Rhynnie outside Aberdeen. Not only was their speech almost incomprehensible, their belief that Rhynnie was the centre of the Universe made them a very endearing act.
I was reminded of them yesterday as I walked along the cliffs at Dunure near Ayr. We had had an excellent lunch outside at the pub. We were taking a constitutional for our health ( and the dog's). The sun was blazing down ( really) so strongly that the suntan cream was doing the rounds.
And I thought to myself, if only the weather was reasonably stable and like this a bit more of the time, noone would ever leave Scotland.
At which point we walked past a parked car where the people inside were setting up their own BBQ. I could not understand a word that was being said. I decided they might be Polish. Or Latvian. Or anything.
And then I noticed the car number plate. From Aberdeenshire. I couldn't resist asking if they knew Rhynnie.
" Aye.Centre of the Universe " I think he said.
So it's everyone there then.

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