Wednesday, July 11, 2007


I wrote a while ago, before Flash, that there was a sense of drift and stasis in the country.
I accept that the attempted bombings and other matters have somewhat interrupted various agendas, but I don't sense any great directional impulse.
I am reading Fantasy Island at the moment, which I daresay is influencing my thoughts, but there does not seem to be anything "new" going on. If anything, the Tories committees reporting over the next few months is arguably the most interesting thing happening.
France under Sarko is certainly girding her loins, whilst Germany has slowly but surely been plodding along. I am always amused at Flash's insistence that these two countries are " in trouble" because of their refusal to adhere to the new Anglo-Saxon business principles . My goodness, they still make things! How old fashioned! Except Germany is still the largest exporter in the world, and the French are getting along pretty well too.
We ,on the other hand, are over-indebted, oversupplied with non-productive council and government " workers", and have no world class businesses apart from pharmaceuticals. And they will probably leave soon for the good old US of A where the real money is.
So what's to do? It seems Flash has no real new ideas. He may have intended to announce a blizzard of initiatives, and may yet do so, but it can only be more of the same. They don't have principles. They have the desire for control.
So I await with interest the Tories results. At least it represents some debate and thought.

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