Saturday, July 28, 2007

Othello and Bard in the Botanic

We held a private party in the Kibble Palace last night, to see the excellent Othello by Bard in the Botanics ( . It's already sold out, and the success engendered this year will surely help with sales and future sponsorship for next year.
Two of the guests were of a senior military sort.
By way of conversation, I asked one what he thought of the military dimension to the play.
The two Commanders of Men looked at each other knowingly.
" Well, " said the senior " Pretty scruffy looking lot."
" Indeed," said the other. " But pretty much what one would expect from a bunch of Italians."
" Yes," said the senior. " Much rather fight them than the Germans"
I can't help but think our military are a touch behind the times.

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The Headmaster's Wife said...

We had a lovely time - thank you!