Monday, December 24, 2007

A bitter-sweet tale of the future.

There was once a Lady who fought her way up the ladder in her village. She made money, she married well, had children, and continued to grow in respect and wealth. She owned the bakery, the dairy, one of the shops, land and much more.
Her children grew up. The daughter married well and moved overseas.
The son was a clever boy who worked hard.
Then one day disaster struck.
His car was smashed into by a lorry on his way to the town. It was touch and go, but he survived, just.
He was irreprably damaged, with the mental age of 12. His body healed after a fashion, but not his mind. The doctors said he would probably only live another 5 years or so.His mother was heartbroken, but could do nothing.
After a year, she noticed that he spent more and more time in the local town. She made enquiries and discovered he was doing his best to be in the company of an attractive and lively girl.
So the Lady made a point of visiting her and made her a proposition.
" Marry my son. He will only live a short time. But if you have children I will leave everything to them. You will receive a pension for life."
The Girl was somewhat taken aback by such a blunt proposal, but she knew the Lady was very rich, and that she would be able to lead a life of her own within a few years.
So the deal was struck - no lawyers, just mutual trust.
The Son was amazed when the Girl agreed to go out with him - and even more amazed when she proposed to him quite soon thereafter.
It was a quiet wedding - the Lady was criticised for it being so small, but the Son was very excited. The Girl's family were reserved about the whole thing, but, as she was an only daughter, she had never been refused anything.
In due course two children were born - but the Son declined, and was dead not very long thereafter.
The Lady stuck to her bargain. But the Girl refused to take anything more from her.
" But why?" asked the Lady." We had a deal"
" I know. But I wanted to prove to you that money cannot buy everything. I loved your Son and always will."

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Winchester whisperer said...

Good story, KL. Hope your Christmas cooking was a success and that the delightful Miss Lear also enjoyed her day.