Monday, December 10, 2007


I don't know if you have been following Cranford, but if not, let me just tell you the production, acting and basic story far outstrips anything else on television at the moment.
I won't bore you with lots of detail, but there is a point I want to make about how we used to live.
Miss Matty had an affection for a young man, who was considered unsuitable by her family. He reappeared 30 years later and they had a very proper and shortlived romance, culminating in him getting pneumonia and dying.
But what was so delightful was when Miss Matty was ordering a new bonnet. She asked for it to be made in two parts.
Now Miss Matty was unmarried and of a certain age.
" But," said the milliner, " that would be a widows cap!"
" Yes" said Miss Matty.
Nowadays, of course, romance would appear to depend on the setting, on extravagant gestures and on a quick shag afterwards. I was reminded recently of the old joke about the girl who couldn't get her tights off in time, and therefore found her toes curling.
I would much prefer politeness and civility and romantic notions.

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