Saturday, December 15, 2007

The politics of Germany

A friend has just shown me from his Mary Poppins like box a pamphlet of the FDP - a political party - in South West Germany.
Now, what are their " strap-lines?"
The first is:
"How you organise your future, that's your responsibility.
That you have the freedom to do so, is ours."
And as far as work goes, they want to reform taxes,workers' rights and social security.They also want to create more jobs by shrinking the state.
Gosh I wish DC said this LOUD and CLEAR.


In Actual Fact said...

The problem, Mr. King, is that they're not actually in power in Germany, are they?

kinglear said...

No, but they will be. The whole world is moving "right" again, except in Australia, where they've had right and been succesful and are now lulled into a sense of security - just wait until you see what Rudd will do to Oz.