Friday, December 28, 2007

How to make a fortune...

1) Buy a piece of derelict land for very little.
2) Hold it for a few years.
3) Apply for a multi-use development.
4) Argue the case to designate the area as in need of special status ( or give someone a handkerchief**)
5) Get it cited as an area for urban renewal.
6) Put in an application for a HUGE development worth millions.
7) Find the area has been designated as the centre of the area for 2014 commonwealth games.
8) Hold onto it, claiming you are being done out of " millions" by the Council offering you several million for it.
9) Er, eventually, graciously, sell it for a profit of ooh, anything you like really.
** " Give someone a handkerchief" - Glasgow vernacular for stuffing a silk handkerchief in someone's top pocket with money folded inside it.

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