Sunday, December 30, 2007


I was remined the other day of one of the great "turn-ons" that people regularly cite. Having someone listen to you properly is a wonderful experience, and something most people never learn.
From my own experience, Mrs. Lear maintains I pay no attention to what people are saying, being too eager to jump in with my own ( usually incorrect) opinions. The most interesting thing to happen to me in 2007 has been the requirement to listen properly in Romania - I have to listen to it in Romanian, then English, and then vice-versa for the reply.
What this "splitting" does is mean I have time to observe people properly as they speak, without having to concentrate on what I am saying - the most interesting nuances get picked up this way.
In complaints, it's usually the aggrieved party wanting their point of view listened to and accepted that makes it go away - or at least cheaper to settle.The real problems occur when the other side won't listen at all - the most dangerous people are those who have closed minds.
So my New Year's resolution will be to listen more. Apparently it gives one an aura of wisdom, what with the nodding sagely and gravely as each point is made.
The only problem is Nature abhors a vacuum, and silences extend.
ps. A friend says I should mention what I am listening to whilst writing. As I tend to listen to one cd for months at a time, this would probably be very boring, but this morning ( and for the last week or two) I have been listening to Kathryn Tickell's Air Dancing. Lovely.


Winchester whisperer said...

Happy New Year, KL. I hope you're enjoying your cheese and best wishes to Miss Lear.

kinglear said...

... and who did a proper corkscrew landing on 31st!!!