Tuesday, December 11, 2007


There are lots of pretty pictures of various different species of penguins, both in the papers and on the TV today.
Apparently, their lives are being threatened by a) melting ice and hence b) fewer krill for them to eat.
I have to say I have always believed that the Earth sorted out these problems ( Less food = fewer predators, so more food next season = more predators) but I suppose I must doff my cap to those who say we have global warming.That said, I've been told it's all bolloks - see here.
Anyway, I have always been very fond of penguins, ever since as a little boy my granny used to take me to Edinburgh Zoo, famous for its penguins and also on the TV today.
I'm also reasonably keen on the chocolate bar, hence the title of this post ( " Pick up a P-P-P-Penguin")
But my undying adoration of them was forged one winter whilst skiing in Switzerland. As I was forced to play games rather than getting bluttered ( ladies present), I opted for Trivial Pursuit.
Now I've never been that keen on the actual game - too fiddly - but I quite enjoy just answering the questions.
One of the questions that night was : " How often do penguins have sex in a year?"
The questionmaster followed this up with "And it's as often as Kinglear"
This meant I instantly knew the answer.
" Ah, that'll be just the once then," which naturally caused insane laughter all round, and much amusement on the slopes for the rest of the holiday as people immitated penguins when in my vicinity.
But you know what? I bet they really REALLY enjoy it.

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