Thursday, December 13, 2007

Collecting in Dalkeith

I popped over to Edinburgh to help collect for the Gurkha Welfare Trust outside Tesco in Dalkeith.
I was a little early so I nipped across to Portobello Cemetery where Old King and Mrs. Lear are buried, as well as numerous of Old Mrs. Lear's forebears. It's a lovely spot, looking out over the hills and fields of East Lothian, and certainly the kind of place where I would be happy to spend eternity.
Then to Tesco.
As ever, lots of tales of people liking and respecting the best friends the UK has ever had. The finale today was a very elderly lady being guided around the store by her 20-something granddaughter.
She stood in front of me and emptied the entire contents of her purse - including notes - into my tin.
" Ah," she sighed, stuffing cash into the little slots," I was in love with a Gurkha Officer for over 30 years."
" I never knew Grandad was in the Gurkhas, Granny".
The elderly lady looked at me, smiling and twinkling.
" Quite right dear. He never was, " and went on her way, chuckling to herself.

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