Friday, December 05, 2008


Jeff Randall has a good article in the Telegraph today.
As a nation, we are no longer telling the truth - and if we do we are excoriated for "talking" down whatever it is we tell the truth about.
Do you honestly believe that saying, for example, that the nurses you met in hospital were dirty,promiscuous etc etc should be hidden if it's true? The dirty part here is the most important - no wonder Cdiff and MRSA are rampant ( and never mind that most people don't wash their hands enough).
Those MPs of all parties who speak their minds ( and they tend to be on the Left) are those we have most respect for. In the late 40s and early 50s, a Minister could have a film made of him telling us that, no you can't have this that and th other, the pound is fragile, we have to work hard to get out of this mess.
If someone did it today, they would have to resign. Well actually they wouldn't because "no -one can fail - and certainly Labour Minsiters only go when the PM tells them.
In my view, appeasement never works. Whether its the bully at school, Hitler , someone at work or a neighbour from hell, only by confronting them will the problem be solved. Of course, I'm a Dinosaur - but we might rule the earth again.
Arguably,things are better in Ireland because of Tony Blair's appeasment. Most dispassionate observers would say that the IRA had effectively been beaten and only came to negotiate when they knew they were not going to get anything by force.
So come on everyone, Tell the truth and shame the Devil. It just might get us out of this mess we're in.

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