Monday, December 22, 2008

UK News on Romanian Radio

Here in Romania, you would be surprised what makes it onto the news. This revelation about Jacqui Smith and here husband was featured on the local radio news - and presumably across the country. I don't think they put UK news on just because I am here.
What's even more interesting is the reaction of a people who are universally branded as corrupt and crooked.
They are astonished, firstly that she can employ her husband for GBP 40,000 a year ( enough to employ about 100 people here for a month) but secondly that the newspaper didn't know who he was. Or maybe they did and chose to run it anyway.Here everyone knows what your connections are - connection is everything.
When I pointed out that maybee it was a clever ploy by the newspaper to discredit a bad minister, everyone was instantly impressed with my Machiavellian nature.
The other thing that seems to have got this far is the MET anti-terror cop whose wife is running a car hire company from their home. Unbelievable.

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