Sunday, December 07, 2008


Today is Mrs. Lear and my 35 wedding anniversary. It is a Jade anniversary.
Being a lateral thinker, when I was informed of this this morning, my mind immediately said " A Jade and a Harlot!" which seemed to me to be a quote from something.I suppose it's got some connection with Jade Goody, who thankfully appears to have disappeared from the news.
Nothing would do but that I would check the dictionary, which says that a jade is a horse broken down from overwork - hence applied to a woman who is a harlot...
It also means a difficult horse, and hence a scolding woman, so, all round, it's not too complimentary to the ladies.
The slightly worrying thing is that now we are all living longer, 35 years is probably only half of the sentence. After all, if I made it to 70 years married, I'd only be 95, and, as I continually tell my children to annoy them, I plan to live to be 102. Whether Mrs. Lear makes it that far is another matter, but I suppose the smoking is cancelled out by the red wine, so she might.
I was hearing the other day about a couple that made it to 25 years, whereupon the husband debunked. The children where through university, both had good jobs ( for what that's worth nowadays) and the husband just decided he'd had enough of the wife. I think lots of people do that - they stay together in misery for the sake of the children, and then go their separate ways, frequently without improving the situation. In this case I'd have debunked before the wedding.
But I did get rather a nice card. A picture of an eager man in bed ( in his jim-jams) and his wife displaying just one of her breasts.
She is saying " No you can't see both. It's our anniversary, not Christmas"
Happy Christmas.

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Winchester whisperer said...

Congratulations! I could have got you some jade in HK