Monday, December 29, 2008

Serves them right

Dizzy has a direct quote from the Egyptian Foreign Minister, which broadly says serves you right.
The difficulty in Gaza, and with the Palestinians generally, is that no-one can enforce any kind of law or cohesion. The Israelis spend half their time talking to one set of people only to discover that anything agreed is immediately negated by another set.
This is particularly galling for Jews. Despite a name for being " sharp" in business, once a deal is done, it's done. So to have dozens of different factions all disagreeing with each other makes it impossible to get anything agreed and then enforced.
There's a wonderful episode of the West Wing when Bartlett commits 20,000 US troops pretty much to stand between the Israeli Army and the Palestinians - which goes on forever as no-one can find who to do the next stage of the deal with.
It just might come to that if people are really serious about peace in the area.
Gaza is the UN's longest running humanitarian mission and dwarfs all others put together. It's been running since 1947....

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In Actual Fact said...

There's a video clip of the man from a government whose largest political threat is from a bunch of Islamist nutters in his own country, who see Hamas as fighters for the same cause (and 'running' their 'country'). He was hardly going to be entirely supportive.