Sunday, December 28, 2008

Picking up Rubbish

Remember when Maggie T got Richard Branson to head up an anti-rubbish campaign? From memory it wasn't that successful.
The old Eastern Block countries simply have incredible numbers of street sweepers, as its a very cost effective way of using the available workforce and get money to them.
It's the same reason as the cotton industry in India will never become modern and mechanised.
What would be very successful would be if you could persuaded everyone in the country to pick up just one piece of rubbish a day. I do my best and tend to pick up even more if there is a rubbish bin in the vicinity.
Today on a very bright frosty morning I picked up 4 pieces, which were an Irn Bru can, a plastic bag, another Irn Bru can and another plastic bag.
My only complaint is that there is no recycling bins anywhere nearby for the cans.
It makes me feel highly virtuous, and at the same time it appears to be having an effect. People have seen me doing it, and some of them have followed suit. As a result the park is tidier and the streets leading to it are as well.
So come on everyone, pick up just one piece a day for a better world.
I promise you'll feel good.
Irn Bru is made in Scotland from girders.....

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