Thursday, December 25, 2008

Odd Christmas numbers

Today being Christmas we were visiting various relatives for lunch.
The conversation was hardly intellectual but there was a passage when discussion turned to the recent School Dance, how many had been there and what the cost had been.
Naturally it also revolved around how much all the 16 year olds had managed to secrete in the way of alcohol going in, and then consume.
"There were 130 there and it cost £18 each"
"Ah," said the Sailor's mother " I can't work that out. It's odd numbers."
There was a silence.
" Er, but both numbers are divisible by 2."
"Ah, no, there's a 1 and a 3 and the zero, and then a 1."
" What about the 8?"
" It's under 10"
There was another silence. Then everyone started discussing other things.
Youngest Ms. Lear texted the Geneticist. " We cud have used u 2day @ lunch 2 help with some big multiplication."
Shortly thereafter the ping of the reply was heard.
" We scientists call it long multiplication. But I think u deserve E for effort."

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In Actual Fact said...

I would imagine that the Geneticist might have been discussing something similar with his younger sister, the School Teacher, recently. Apparently, not only could her pupils not calculate 130x18 - "That's Key Stage 4" - neither could the School Teacher.
The Geneticist has taken a DNA sample from the School Teacher and is finally testing the "mix up on the maternity ward" theory he's had about the rest of his family for some time.

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!