Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Loony Laws

Curtesy of Smooth Radio, you might think that lawmakers and or Parliamentarians ( who are not necessarily one and the same) after debate and serious consideration, only made sensible laws.
However, the following are not spoofs:
* In Switzerland, it is illegal to spend a penny standing up after 10pm.
* In London, a pregnant woman can ask a policeman to give her his helmet to pee into.
* It is illegal to die in the House of Commons. One wonders what the sanction might be.
* Oliver Cromwell banned Christmas mince pies as frivolous and too happy by half for a serious Church festival like Christmas. This law has never actually been repealed. So next time you eat a mince pie, it is entirely possible you will be arrested, flogged, and put in the stocks.
* And finally, it is illegal in Scotland to be in charge of a cow when drunk. It is not entirely clear whether the illegal bit is if the cow is drunk....

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