Saturday, May 09, 2009

NOT getting into MENSA

I have nothing against the Welsh, but it seems to me they have taken over from the Irish as the thickos of anecdotal stories and jokes. If anything, the Irish jokes now seem to indicate a cunning and trading mentality that, of course, they always had. I think particularly of Flurry Knox from the Irish RM
I heard on the radio today this clip of a Welshman who had ordered a delivery pizza.
" Hello, I want to complain about my pizza."
" Why is that sir?"
" I've just opened it and there's no topping on it. How am I supposed to eat that for my dinner?"
" I'm very sorry sir, but I don't understand how that can have happened."
" It's disgusting, I want another one delivered right away and I... oh, sorry, I've opened the box upside down...."

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Winchester whisperer said...

Remember what happened when Enoch Powell was visiting Wales and said there was no Welsh word for "entrepreneur"? Someone in the audience shouted out, "What's the English word for it?"