Thursday, May 28, 2009

Free Bus

Today was the day I finally tried out my OAP bus pass.
As it happens I wanted to go into Central Station to buy a rail ticket with my OAP railcard, and there is a bus right outside my office that goes straight to the station and then back again.
So a very green effort, and a very cost effective one too.
The only slight problem was I had the Dog with me today, and, as usual, I had no lead with me.
Not a problem.
The office string would do the trick.
So the Dog and I set off into town, and I flashed my card.
Kerching! Out comes a ticket saying something about OAPs and with £0.00p as the cost.
So far so good.
Except everybody who got on the bus asked about the Dog, who is admittedly most endearing, with a pretty wimpish look on his face.
The rail ticket having been secured ( London return via Edinburgh for a mere £42 - great value),
I made my way to the bus stop for the bus going in the opposite direction.
As I was standing on the corner, Dog on string, and looking pretty vacant, as I was unsure where the bus stop was, a man in a suit passed and pressed 20p. into my hand.
" No no," I said," I'm not in need," and offered him his money back.
He looked at me as if I had two heads. I've noticed people doing this more and more, and my conclusion is it's an age thing.
" Give it to the Dog then," he said as he marched away.
I don't think 20p. would be much use to him, so I pocketed the money and looked for a beggar to give it to.
They are like Policeman and Taxis - never one when you want one.
Anyway, I get back on the bus, and Kerching! again.
I was followed on by two more OAPs and an unemployed youth, who also got a free ride.
As I made my way to a seat, I overheard the bus driver muttering " Is no **** ever going to pay for using this bus?"
He has a point...


Brian Boru said...

I think it must have been the string that made the difference; I don't thing a proper lead would have done the trick...

As my son would say, LOL.

Keep it up, KL.

Winchester whisperer said...

You don't look that old...