Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Sextent & a romantic tool...

I regret to tell you this is not an exciting place.
Nor is it something you can buy and erect in your garden.
It may conjure up lots of interesting images, but it is merely a mis-spelling.
Of "Sextant." So nul points for that Scrabble player...
What I did see in the Veuve Cliquot cellars was a description of a sort of bag for champagne, which was described as " The ideal tool to share a romantic experience... anywhere."
I had thought that might have been a dildo, but there you go.
Incidentally, whilst we were in the Newfoundland Memorial Park ( which I think is,in many ways, the most moving of all the memorials on the Somme), I came across a list of over 800 towns in Newfoundland which had sent troops and which had lost many of them.
There really is a Dildo in Newfoundland

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Winchester whisperer said...

Still keen on topazes though!