Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Love in the time of a Football Match

Tuesday was the day the Government Accountants returned, and Elena was in seventh Heaven because her Male Russian Doll had come back.
It was also the day Dynamo were playing with the object of finally clinching the Romanian Premier League.
This latter is of course serious business - much more so than checking boring accounts or even having a girl friend. Alin doesn't think so - but then he supports Steau, who are sixth at the moment. It's a bit like Rangers/Celtic;Man U and Man City; or Liverpool/Everton, and defines where you are in the pecking order.
So whilst Alin and I went about our business, people all over our area were busily preparing food, drawing wine from barrels and generally getting ready to support their team.
Which meant that we were summoned to Elena's for lunch at about the time of kick-off at 5pm with not one account checked or one kiss exchanged, which mightily annoyed the lady of the house.
The whole city council were there - because Elena has all the channels, and we sat outside whilst the huge plasma TV was brought out and set to work.
The Chief accountant eventually realised that there was a frost in the air, even through the several glasses he had drunk, and waddled off to the kitchen to make amends. It may have been the complete lack of any food arriving that did it. Mind you, Dynamo were 1-0 up so things were going well, and he could take a break.
Some time later, with Dynamo now 2-0 up, we were all wondering what had happened to the food.
At the final whistle Dynamo were 3-0 winners.
The City Council, which toasted every goal mightily, and without food, were extremely merry.
Elena and her friend started to bring the food out which enabled most of us to sober up. It consisted ( of course) of the Suppe with bread in it as opposed to noodles, even better for mopping up alcohol.
The main course was chicken lasagna, a pork schnitzel with mushroom rice, tomato,cucumber and cabbage salad.
All delicious.
I'm sure the carousing went on long into the night, but by that time Elena had disappeared, and so, sadly had I, as I needed to catch the 9:45 train to Budapest and thence to Prestwick's wind,rain and cold.

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