Saturday, May 16, 2009


Taxi drivers always have an opinion, and one of our neigbours is no exception.
I was just returning from walking the dog when he hailed me and asked what I thought of the "bloody carry-on" over expenses.
I remarked that most of it was down to pure stupidity in the Commons expense office. After all, if they don't need to produce a receipt, how would they know the mortgage was paid off?
His take on it was illuminating.
Most of us regard all politicians as greedy conniving b******s, he said, but what this lot have done is piss on their constituents.
I don't mind so much them getting plasma TVs and the like, but I really object to the mortgage payments -tax free - for nothing.
If they want my respect back they will have to earn it. Get an accounting firm to audit every receipt. Bar any claim from the past or future without one. Lock up anyone who has committed fraud or stolen. Make them all seek reselection.
And call a general election.
I couldn't agree more. The only real problem - and it's a really real problem - is that in a court of law they will only need to say the money I took was approved by the body in charge. If it's approved it's automatically neither fraud nor theft.
So let's hope Harman's "Court of Public Opinion" does the needful.
He finished with a fine Glasgow expression.
" Aye, they need the Polis tae gie them aw' a sare kiss"*
Translation: they need a doing in Police custody.

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Winchester whisperer said...

We'll see if any of them are prosecuted