Saturday, October 28, 2006

Cobbett Rides Again!

I tried to post this last night but there was some problem, so here goes.
I came acroos this blog ( see above) which includes lots of well argued cases.
One of the more recent ones is about the NHS and the "moral hazard" we effectively DON'T feel because it is there and free.
I have long felt that skiers were unfairly penalised by having to have insurance or pay cash, when mountain climbers, hillwalkers,potholers etc don't pay a penny.It's time somebody MADE people engaged in dangerous sports and pastimes cough up for their accidents.
And by the way, if you get drunk on a Friday night you better have cash available on your credit card, because A&E will charge you for whatever they need to do to fix you up.That'll do nicely.

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