Sunday, October 22, 2006

Oh what a beautiful MOOOOORning!

I'm sure you know this is from Oklahoma! but it holds equally true here in Glasgow today. It is about 12 Celsius, the sun is , as we say here, splitting the skies, there is no wind, and I have just taken the Bootle for his walk in the local park. There is no doubt we are creatures that require sun and blue skies to feel good.
On the subject of Oklahama, I read that Geography is the wrost taught subject of all in our schools, although Scotland is slightly better than England ( isn't it always??!). So, if anyone ever reads this, there is probably about a 99.9% chance that the reader will have no idea where Oklahoma is. Apparently most children can't find England.
What staggers me is that despite all the billions lavished on all parts of our country over the last ten years, absolutely everything is worse. Bremner Bird and Fortune had a very funny George Parr skit last night on the prison regime, which basically showed the civil servant completely ignoring the questions and the situation. That, of course, is what New Labour does. Difficult situations are ignored. Public outrage is assuaged with a commission and enquiry or in the early days with a Czar ( why not Commissar?). But absolutely no action.
I read a most interesting article the other day which was saying roughly the same thing, but then pointed out that all action ( well nearly) had been via the armed forces. Why? Because you give an order and they carry it out. So that's easy. Everything else our Lords and Masters actually have to make something work, and it's much much easier just to pass a new law. Sounds good looks good and by golly .. er.. screws most things up.
Well, that's the lovely day ruined then.

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