Sunday, October 29, 2006

Marmite and the Middle East

Sorry about the double post about Cobbett, but, as I said, something went wrong first time round ... but as somebody recently remarked about Sion Whatsit, nothing dies on the web.
Anyway, what about Marmite and the Middle East?
Apparently, the Israelis and the Palestinians both have a significant deficiency of Potassium, which, the less you have in your system, the more agressive you become - explains a lot don't you think?
So Edward de Bono, he of the lateral thinking department, has proposed shipping huge quantities of Marmite to both sides, as it is very high in Potassium, and, if taken in sufficient quantities, will restore the requisite levels in their bloodstreams.
My thought was that as you either love Marmite or hate it. Wars have been fought over much less.

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