Thursday, February 14, 2008


Dizzy has unearthed a rather insteresting survey.
"Scots who fancy Brown and Cherie
Croydonian has stumbled on an hilarious and equally worrying report survey from Scotland which has the following findings:
Which celebrity most closely resembles your ideal man?Gordon Brown - I like powerful men - 1.8%Which celebrity most closely resembles your ideal woman?Cherie Blair - powerful women do it for me - 0.9%
As he notes, that suggests on the current puopulation of Scotland "2,218 chaps have the hots for La Booth, and a scarcely less credible 4,764 lassies are pining for the Dour One".
Poor unfortunate souls! "
Would you describe either as celebrities?
Famous yes, but celebrities?
Surely not.
Neither of them has shagged a footballer or been in the Big Brother House - as far as I know - and therefore cannot qualify as celebrities.

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