Sunday, February 17, 2008

The end of the Age of Labour?

Alan Watkins in today's Independant argues that the Age of Labour has been seeping away for some time.
This is hardly surprising, as the arrogance and disdain with which the majority of Brits are treated by this Government will come to it's natural conclusion. The "client State" as created by Broon the Gloom cannot be sustained, and will die. As Ian Hyslop said on Newsnight some time ago, " You can lie to yourselves, you can lie to the people but you can't lie to the media"
However, a large part of Bro9on's present problem is the fact that Tony Blair created a new kind of politics in this country.
Not the risible "third way", but the cult of the presidential style PM. If he had stuck with collective Cabinet responsibility, Broon could have kept his head down. Of course, being a complete psychopathic control fresk doesn't help here, but at least there would have been some kind of genuine leadership and forward planning. There is neither.
The other huge mistake was the " multicultural" society. This can only ever lead to division - quite apart from the huge sums spent on translating 147 languages on a daily basis ( yes you read that right).
So, yes, we are in the last days of Labour, however many there may be.
We need to get away from PC, from throwing money at things, from setting targets which then warp every performance, and get back to what Mrs. T referred to as " Housewife's house-keeping". It imposes discipline and points the way forward. The credit crunch will impose it's own discipline ( Balls is proposing a Sharia solution to HMT's complete lack of cash)
As I'm never tired of saying - London gets fed every day, and noone directs it.
Strangely, it works.

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