Thursday, February 21, 2008

Paxman's Pants

Until yesterday I had no idea what all the fuss was about.
Yesterday, however, Mrs. Lear bought me new pants from M&S.
I don't suppose I've had new ones for several years ( they tend to get bought in 10s) and I now see what has happened.
In essence, the legs are slightly longer.
If you have very skinny legs this is fine - the legs don't cling to you and hence their inherent weight pulls down, keeping the hole at the front closed.
However, those of us of a somewhat bulkier nature, where the pant's legs stick to you, have a problem. The hole gapes open.
My only hope is that once washed they will shrink a little bit, which will, hopefully, make it all work to my satisfaction.
Many years ago I used to wear longjohns in the winter when I worked in the fruit market at 5am. When I stopped, I still had two pairs of longjohns unopened.
Several years later, when we were moving house, Mrs. Lear took them back, and received - not what she had paid for them - but what they were selling for at the time. Although she pointed this out to the returns manager, he said it was company policy. It was a time of high inflation, so she got back more than she had paid.
Nowadays, the exact opposite would be the case. I believe the longjohns are now selling at the same price as when they were originally bought - in 1979.

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Winchester whisperer said...

Amazing what people get up to in Scotland