Thursday, February 14, 2008

The survey

Do have a read at it from the link here.
I particularly like the fact that 0.0% said they would not have sex on a 9th date ( but on the 8th or 10th was ok)
This is clearly something in the Scots character. Either they've gone off each other by then or it's the " I'm off to the pub with my mates" stage. But on the following date, the 10th., sex has reasserted itself as of interest - but only to about 1%
Myself, I would have thought nowadays that 100% would want sex at every opportunity.
But as a child of the 60's I know that the permissiveness of that time was mostly newspaper hype - and the people who were filling in the survey were Scotsman readers, and therefore don't qualify as under-16 sex maniacs.
No many of them anyway.
And they mostly come from Edinburgh, poor souls.

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Winchester whisperer said...

Sean Connery & Helen Mirren? Where was this survey - in the Edinburgh Club60 magazine?