Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine's Day & Bilko 4

I'm sure you've all had the obligatory card and perhaps even the marriage proposal or whatever, but have you had the advert in the paper?
I only ask because both papers we take ( one regional one national) had full pages of messages of the " SQUIDGY Happy everafter from Nootley xx" variety.
I find many of them most amusing, and wonder what the real message behind them is .
For example, " To my favourite Dick from Black Bess" could be some kind of code for highway robbery.
Anyway, the email from the young man I received this morning ( I really really hope the girl is getting them too) was lovely - full of tender love and soppiness. The dinner last week clearly went very well and - reading between the lines - I suspect a certain amount of Ugandan practices took place. They are meeting tonight for a romantic dinner. He is picking her up at 7:30.
My email keeps going down so I live in fear I will not get the end of this story, but his emails keep appearing. Long live love!
I shall report back.

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Winchester whisperer said...

Do you think he'll propose?