Monday, April 14, 2008

Black Watch

Went to see this play which was commissioned by the National Theatre of Scotland and has been a huge success.
If it comes near you, you must see it. It is based on the Black Watch Regiment's experiences.
Most of the critics have mentioned it's antiwar, anti-establishment credentials, but in reality, it's message is much more powerful.
It's the politicians that have destroyed what the Army once had. It's not meant for sitting in barracks, doing nothing, sitting ducks for snipers and mortars and suicide bombers.
You would think they had learned that a static war was un-winable nearly 100 years ago. The Army needs to move and have proper intelligence, not be a political football.
The powers that be talk of a drop in recruiting. No wonder. The troops can't and don't believe in what they are doing.
Contrary to popular belief, our Army is made up of people who want to be in it and who are still the best fighting force in the world.
Unlike our snivelling politicians, with no knowledge of what soldiering means,no principles and a cynical disregard for courage and sacrifice.
In the end,as the actors say: " I fight for my regiment" " I fight for my platoon" " I fight for my section" " I fight for my mates".
They don't fight for Britain,nor for Scotland, and certainly NOT for this Government.
There was much talk during the play of " The Golden Thread" that ran through all the regiments at one time, being fathers, grandfathers, uncle and so on who served. As with so much else, this Government has wantonly destroyed that - and put nothing of value in its place.

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Winchester whisperer said...

Yes well I don't think any of the cabinet has served in the armed forces so they haven't a clue.