Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Macca long before Mucca

I used to shoot down on the Mull of Kintyre, very close to where Paul McCartney still has his Highland Estate.
When he and his extended family first moved there, one of the local farmers ( nearest the big hoose) decided it was only polite and neighbourly to ask, at the least, if he and his family would like to drop in for tea one day.
Much to Willie's astonishment, Macca said they would love to - which naturally set the cat amongst the pigeons as far as Willie's wife was concerned.
There was much baking and cleaning and general sprucing up.
The great day dawned and the McCartney family descended on the farmhouse for tea.
Needless to say it was excellent, and the two families got on really well. After tea all the children all went into the snug to watch the television.
Willie's wife had always been a great fan, and mentioned several of the gigs she had been to.
" Aw see that Yesterday song - Ah just melt when you sing that."
There was an upright piano in the corner.
" Would you like me to sing it for you?" says Sir P ( only he was just Paul then) as he sat down at the piano.
He opened the lid and struck the first couple of chords and that liquid voice gave out with "Yesterdaaay - all my troubles.." and that was as far as he got.
One of his daughters ( I have always imagined it was Stella) charged back into the room.
" Dad - for goodness sake stop that - we're trying to watch Startrek."
" Oh sorry darling." End of concert.
True story.
Nice man.

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