Tuesday, April 08, 2008

A lovely day

Having escaped from Harris, then Glasgow and finally Budapest, I got back to Sighisoara this morning.
The sun was shining, the sky was a cornflower blue, and the temperature at mid-day was 23 C.
As I walked towards the Bank, a little old lady held out two small bunches of violets to me. She had a basket with about 10 bunches in all.
It transpired each bunch was the equivalent of 9p. So I gave her the equivalnet of GBP1 and took the lot.
I gave out three bunches in the Bank. I gave out 3 bunches at the lovely lawyer's. I gave two to Alin for his wife. I kept the last two and gave them to the lady who makes the most delicious "fornetti" which I buy every morning and which are like mini-sausagerolls, but filled with cheese or apple or apricots and so on, and which come in handy around 11am. She gave me a free bag this morning in exchange.
The main job this morning was trying to buy a new car. The car hire business is doing quite well; we have three bookings at the end of April and only two cars. We also have an arrangement with one of the car hire companies to use our cars when they are full, and it looks as if the summer is going to be really busy.
To cut a long story short, for Eur 200 per month we can have a brand new Logan, six years absolute warranty, airbags, aircon the lot, and in theory we therefore only need to rent it about 7 or 8 days per month on average over the year for it to pay for itself.
It's quite strange, my idea when I came here was all to do with property,houses and so on, and by accident I've fallen into a car renting business.
I think it's on the principle that if there's a gold strike, be the man who sells the picks and shovels.

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