Monday, April 07, 2008

China TV

I was watching China TV in Budapest (don't ask) when the reports on the Olympic flame in London came on.
Now I had seen the BBC footage yesterday. I can1t say I recognised any of it. Most of the footage was taken from the Chintown area, lots of happy smiling people and nary a protester in sight.
Huge triumph as Broon the Gloom didn't touch the torch. ( How pathetic a man is he that he has to make a big thing out of this?)
As they used to say in exams, compare and contrast with Mrs. T. If she didn't think it was a good idea she would have shouted it from the rooftops.
There's a nice story from a Commonwealth Conference where she was alone in opposing sanctions on South Africa, as she was working behind the scenes to get Mandela freed.
When asked how it felt to be th lone diesnting voice with 48 other countries ranged aganst her, her reply was " I'm sorrythat they are in the wrong" Lets have a bit more belief and conviction and principle. If Britain isn't ready for the truth now it never will be.
It's lasted her more than 18 years beyond her leaving office.

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